Friday, June 27, 2008

'Fed' up with dumb forecasts?

Have you heard that the S&P 500 is so weak it will be renamed the S&P 250?

There is proposal afoot to call the DOW JONES industrial average the DOWN JONES average when ever it finishes lower in a session.

The DJIA is so weak that the old expression is being changed to 'keeping down' with the Joneses...

Treasury note yields are getting so low they are going be known as 'memos' instead of as 'notes'.

With stocks now down by over 20% from their recent highs can anyone tell me exactly what it is about spending firming that companies are seeing?

They are seeing it aren't they? The Fed said 'so'.

I may be still behind the times but I am reading the Fed's statement from its JUNE meeting and there is this language about spending firming? Was this a joke by Ben&Co?

Did Fisher really dissent because he wanted HIGHER RATES??

No risk of inflation in STOCK prices
No risk of inflation in corporate earnings
No risk of consumers having much discretionary income to spend...

Risk of higher OIL PRICES is that stock prices are even weaker, economy weaker

We have nothing to FEAR BUT THE FED ITSELF!!

There doesn't that make you feel better?

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The fed is screwing up the economy more with its QE program.