Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Who'd a thunk it?

Coffee and gas are complements. When the price of gas goes up people buy less gas and less coffee. Now Starbucks has launched a widespread store closing campaign. Instead of Starbucks on every corner there will be relief and some possibility for the small independent coffee shop at last - maybe.

The real story is how people have turned to coffee to save money on gas. I know a number of commuter folk who have vowed to give up their Starbucks to help lighten the burden on the their budget from gas prices.

500 more stores to close and 7% (12,000 jobs) of their workers to hit the pavement. I suppose an unemployed Barista could pump gas, but it wouldn't taste as good.

Starbucks reports that its research said some people were not willing to cross the street to buy a cup of coffee. No wonder they willingly have given it up as gas prices rose. These people are not really coffee lovers. Starbuks had a buisness bult on what? Apathetic consumers?

So why did the chicken cross the road? Maybe to get gas for his car but not for a cup of Starbucks java.