Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bernanke sets record! Bush out-foxes foxes

Ben Bernanke could be up for a Nobel prize for his work on the proposed bail out package

This, it is believed, is the FIRST time an economist has proposed a plan and even when pressed could not come up with an alternative for it.

There will be no 'On the other hand plan.'

Some cynically think it makes the current plan just seem that much more important. If the choice is 'do or die' and there is only one plan of course you vote for 'DO.' Even if it implies stepping into deep Do Do.

It smacks of the Bush IRAQ strategy. Make it sound. pressing. Make the alternatives very distasteful.

Hey it does parallel that. But that worked didn't it?

It's working again.

For a guy that democrats constantly say is so dumb George W Bush sure knows knows how to wrap them around his little finger, doesn't he? So in the end who is smart and who is dumb, Boys?


Anonymous said...

Bush-Bernanke plan sounds exactly like Iraq when Congress and military all came out and said it was necessary, and then reneged later as unnecessary.

Fool me once Bush is now doing again to show Americans how dumb they are.

His chicken little routine is way old by now but 1 month before an election, does anyone care?

1 Month after he entered the White House, his chicken little routine began.
1 Month before he leaves the white House, his chicken little routine began again, this time over the economy and the desparate housewives of Wall Street.

Why does anyone believe him or them? Lie once enough for impeachment that should have been but wasn't. Lie now as an exit strategy, and take the money with you. $700 billion on the way in and $700 on the way out - not a bad record for a failed President by someone's standard.

More predatory capitalism has been displayed by this President than any time in the history of America.