Thursday, December 11, 2008

Detroit meets its Benedict Arnold(s)

REVENGE... don't get mad, get even
The Senate Republicans are snorting their own past. Mainlining hate. Yep. Diminished in the election and now limping ducks that they are they are preparing to deal a lethal blow to democrats in Detroit who have been funding national democratic candidates that turned Republicans back to the streets. Forget a woman scorned. Hell hath no fury like a politician turned out of office...or his colleagues.

What goes around comes around
Yes the failure to help Detroit is a lot about politics. The workers there are UAW members and the UAW money has gone nearly 100% to fund democrats. So the good republicans want to say 'Thank' you in their own inimitable way. Only the first word isn't 'thank' the second word is 'you'.

Benedict Shelby
Shelby a former democrat is now the ring-leader of the anti-Detroit republicans. His flag is part Confederate, part Japanese, part German and at least 50% a picture of HIMSELF. Shelby of Alabama has his metaphors mixed calling the financing 'a bridge loan' to nowhere but its for companies that make cars that run on that bridge And these are carmakers that have come a long way. It is the international car market that is under pressure. Why adjust it by making sure bankruptcy occurs in America, senator pea-brain? But Shelby has Japanese and German automakers in his state. He knows which side of his sushi they spread the wasabi on or where to stick sauerbratten.

You helped so I say Fiddle dee dee to you!
A story in the Detroit Free Press (link below) chronicles the help the big three automakers gave to Louisiana when the hurricane devastated it. Now its senator, too, wants to vote against help for Detroit. At least the auto companies did not build plants on flood plain below the water line. I wonder if the PEOPLE of LOUISIANA, knowing the facts, would want to say thank you to Detroit? Is Louisiana's Vitter really doing the people's bidding?

Ask not what you can do for your country...
Yes, Alabama's Shelby and Louisiana's Vitter are great senators. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Bob Corker of Tennessee are others with Japanese automakers in their state and venom for Detroit in their heart. Alabama is home to plants for Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota. Tennessee is getting a new Volkswagen plant; it is home to Nissan's North American headquarters and other manufacturing facilities. Georgetown, Ky., in McConnell's home state, is the site of Toyota's biggest plant outside Japan. These boys are connected. Corker wants Detroit wages cut back to the level paid in the South as a condition for giving the loan. These are the thoughts and demands and understandings of fine statesmen at work. They really think of the needs of nation when they make policy. Everything for me and mine and nothing for you. Oh you helped me when I was down? Thanks, good bye or give me a plan, a detailed plan...

Sweden, a modern day France
And while America fiddles under this great leadership, Sweden is pouring $3.4blillion (equivalent) into helping Volvo and Saab, its local impacted automakers owned by GM and Ford. Apparently Sweden does not have the same reservations as the US Senate in helping US companies.

What's still very wrong in AMERICA
I will use this once again as an excuse to push for an abolition of the Electoral College. That electoral arrangement is the source of strength for this fully corrupted two-party system. The system is ruining America. Shelby is a modern-day economic Benedict Arnold. Shelby, a former democrat turned republican, and with his own auto plants in his backyard to support, wants to punish and degrade the democrats in Michigan. Who needs competition from YOU Detroit? Shelby is a poster child for what's wrong with American politics.