Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adrian's day in the sun & Mary Poppin's

Hi Adrian!
Thank you for you thoughtful post (Below). It was so insightful, I thought I'd share it with everyone.

I can't believe that crap like this has ended up being picked up for google news story attachment... pure conservative garbage... who let you out of your cage and on to the web?

First of all I 'm not conservative. I am an independent. And you probably liked me better last year when I was critical of Mr Bush, who I bet you hated- I'm just taking a stab in the dark here. I do not live in cage. I live in Manhattan, its actually quite free here- you don't even need car. And the web my dear is open access. For a small fee it's open to anyone- even if they disagree with YOU. How about that! Ain't America grand? Although I can tell you are probably the kind of Democrat Like Hilary that wants to tell me what health care I can and what I can't have and so on. YOU are one those sanctimonious know-it-alls that hates free thinking unless it is free to agree with YOU.

Sorry dear, not here.

You can disagree with me and that's fine. But I do stand by the LOGIC of the points I have made. The president will have a budget. This is only a stimulus plan. And stimulus that lasts for years and years certainly is a misnomer. I bet you hated Bush playing bait and switch with WMDs in Iraq didn't you? I don't care who pulls those shenanigans - I don't like them. No, not even if they are YOUR sacred cow, Adrian.

I have had a lot of people write, thinking I was too timid in my criticism or, like you, people who thought I was outrageous to be critical of the President.


I did not realize the country was supposed to roll over and play dead? Did you do that favor for Mr Bush - Adrian?

I am ANGRY at Republicans and Democrats for rules at the state and Federal levels that have given THOSE TWO PARTIES a lock hold on elections. With a winner-take-all Electoral College there is no chance for a third party. The two greedy ones have cornered the market in political opportunity. I'm an independent.

As a result I am suspicious of whoever wins-whether you, Adrian, think he is a great guy and a practically perfect person (Mary Poppins-like) or not.

Obama has tripped and stumbled with his appointments. Daschle was a particularly bad choice not for his tax issues but because he was a hired gun for the Health Care industry for which he was then going to recommend changes. No he was not actually a 'Lobbyist'. But are we judging Mr Obama on his technical word or more broadly on his character?

He falls short of walking on water my dear.

As for his stimulus plan, it is such a misnomer: as an economist the whole idea of calling such multi-period spending 'stimulus' pisses me off! So take that Adrian.

You think I'm some conservative twit? I think you have such a love-crush on Mr Obama you have disabled your brain. OHHH Obama did it it OOOOH its SOOO goooodd.


What a mellifluous name OHHHHH_Bama!

Get over it. When you find you disagree with someone, disconnect your bile and engage your brain

Look at what we need and what this plan really does. Compare and contrast. When you do that maybe you will acknowledge there is some disconnect in what is being done Vs what has been advertised.

To oversimplify the analysis, I divided the spending of the O-plan into three parts called Stimulus, Cushion and Agenda. The CBO NOT ME (the CBO! Congressional Budget Office, Adrian) finds that one -third of the spending impacts the deficit more than 24 months from now! How can that be construed as either cushioning or as stimulus?

That is why economists say (ever taken an economics course ADRIAN?) that monetary policy is better for economic stimulus than fiscal policy. It is more timely. But of course our cup runneth empty in the monetary dept so we have a mechanism of last resort in place - fiscal spending.

When it comes to your brazen bile, I don't get it Adrian. Nor do I get how my pointing this out makes me the label you so fondly have attached to me. There is nothing conservative about pointing out that the President has mislabeled his plan and is trying to sneak in agenda spending under the rubric of 'stimulus'. All this rush-rush to pass something that a third of which won't take effect for 24 months and much more strikes me as well BUSH-LIKE! Obama is taking a page from the Bush playbook!

Not exactly the guy you expected him to emulate, was it?


Still there?


davemartin7777 said...

What a first class arrogant jerk you are.

Anonymous said...

David? Is that all you could come up with?

Very good response to Adrian. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously a PHD?..You sound like an angry smart a@# teenager. Grow up! Your comments are exactly what we've come to expect from the Bush conservatives...(even though you deny, we can tell). They are the type of comments that get otherwise sensible people like myself having to respond to this crap.

John said...

Even the Congressional Budget Office (headed by a democrat) says that it will take 18 months to many years for much of the "stimulus" spending to have any effect. How can clear thinking Americans support this? Furthermore, how can clear thinking Americans support the congressmen who crafted this garbage legislation?
It seems to paraphrase the Rev. Wright, that American voters' "chickens have come home to roost". I guess we get what we deserve on this one.

SportsDoc said...

When people respond with phrases like "crap like this" or refer to "Bush conservatives" in response to a well written article it make me think a large percentage of our peopl no longer have then ability to think. Does not one understand logic.

Let's see, if tweo thirds of the package does not kick in for the first two years, then where is the urgency to pass this now before the weekend goes by? The President says we have to do it "immediately because people are loosing their jobs". Delaying one week on a two year stimulus plan does not put anything or anybody in danger. Thirty years ago we used to call thet demagoguery. When you stretch the truth to get legislation passed
it becomes a political agenda. It does not matter whether one is a Democrat or Republican, it stinks as a matter of policy.

I think it is not what the American people voted for as a matter of policy. But then, maybe people just voted for style. Maybe that is what we got. The bill is deadly for our children who will inherit the debt, whether Bush's or Obama's. Probaly those who have their head in the sand have no children to think about. The problem is that the politician have not read the bill, they do not know what is in it. Yet, they know we have to have it to avoid the coming collapse. Typical political spin. Nothing has changed!

davemartin7777 said...

"David? Is that all you could come up with?"

I'm good with what I said Anon... the author comes across as a first class arrogant jerk... that piece might as well have been written by Rush Limbaugh.

With his link to the Google news story, I was expecting the thoughfull insight of a PhD whether it be of a liberal or conservative slant.

What is presented is childish, right-wing rant.

Anon said it best, this guy sounds like a petulant teenager not a PhD.

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out the online university that granted him Ph.D.

and to think that he predicted the housing sector will recover.. so much for Vodoo economics.

Anonymous said...

Wait!!! he also predicted that there is no possibility of recession..

wonder how his consultancy with the Iceland or Zimbabwe governments worked out.

testy said...

Adam Posen has a balanced view and explain clearly why the stimulus would work and why its different from the Japanese stimulus.

Perhaps you could use some refresher education in econ 101. and may actually help your predictions (you predicted that the recession has already hit its peak!!.. get real or start praying).

Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious what Robert Brusca's true intentions are if you look at the text of his post. He refers to our president as Mr. O, Obama, Mr. President...he never refers to him as President Obama. Yes, a subtle thing, but hugely obvious to me in terms of his prejudice and lack of respect for a man, who despite anyone's disagreement of his views, deserves respect. I have an ultra-conservative friend who can never say his full name either--always President BamBam or Obaminator.

Robert is obviously just another rhetorical ugly mouth of the racists and Rush Limbaughs of the world. They don't like black people and will never support President Obama no matter how good a job he does. So, just as any die-hard liberal's opinion, Robert, your always biased opinion means nothing.

Good luck with being a joke.

Douglas said...

You are incorrect about the "winner take all electoral college [providing] no chance for a third political party." After all, the GOP did not exist in 1848. It was, once, a third party. The Bullmoose Party almost provided another term for Teddy Roosevelt. There is always opportunity for a third party to emerge. The primary things a third party needs is organization and a clear and popular platform or ideology.

What is happening today is simple... the extremists have taken over one of the parties and the other is thought to have extremists running it. Strangely, I could pretty much guarantee loyal members of each party will disagree with that premise.

Let me be perfectly clear. The Dems have become a politically liberal party. It knows the extreme left has gained a lot of power but doesn't care because (a) they supply a lot of money and foot soldiers and (b) "they mean well" and (c) they aren't conservatives.

The Republicans are claimed to be conservative and run by the Right Wing Extremists. The reality is much different or McCain would not have been the nominee. Additionally, even the true conservatives of the Republican Party can't abide the Right Wing extremists and so deny them any power.

Proof that the above is true is that Liberals will deny any of it is true.

nimh said...

Adrian? Still there?

If he was smarter than me, he would have given up when he came across the part of your post where you accused him of "having such a love-crush on Mr Obama you have disabled your brain". Or directly after, when you went:

"OHHH Obama did it it OOOOH its SOOO goooodd. OOOOO..OOOHHH. What a mellifluous name OHHHHH_Bama!"

I mean, seriously, this is supposed to pass as serious discourse? This kind of attempted throw-down is teenager stuff, isn't it? Good for Digg, maybe?

The contrast between your rant and Adam Posen's level-headed, well-sourced comment, in which he specifies which research and work he did that made him come to each of his conclusions, is remarkable. Whether I agree with what someone says or not, that's what I expect when I click on an expert's comment on Google, not some talk show-styled rant.

If Anonymous is right and you self-righteously ranted about this subject after previously predicting there was no possibility of recession and the housing sector would recover, then, well - words fail. Have you no sense of embarrassment?

nimh said...

Alternatively, of course, maybe you were just drunk when you wrote this blog post.

That would make sense. I worked in a bar when I was a student - I know what a drunk loudmouth sounds like.

Bit scary that people like you were "Chief Economist at a major international securities firm", though.

Then again, considering the stunning mess this generation of Wall Street executives have steered the economy in, it's perhaps a good illustration of the bonfire of vanity and incompetence we are dealing with.

owl said...

You stay classy, Robert Brusca.

josefromsantafe said...

Actually, I think you are really a Liberal Democrat doing your best to impersonate Rush Limbaugh so that all those axe-scratching Repubs who are desperately holding onto their backside views of trickle down economics may get a chance to finally see for themselves what cocky conservative jerks are really out there claiming positions of authority. GOOD JOB! If not, then, well... you get the point...

Anonymous said...

I went back and reviewed some of Dr. Brusca's postings from 2008. In general, he was not very positive about Bush II. He was very upset with Bush II about Iraq War II. The fact that the electoral college gave Bush II the victory when he did not win the popular vote also was very upsetting to Dr. Brusca. Dr. Brusca also felt like the Republicans were nearly traitors for not helping the car companies more initially.

In summary, it is not true that Dr. Brusca is a right wing idealogue. I do appreciate that he loves economics and is not happy with obviously politicized "economics" arguments.

I do think Dr. Brusca would be better served with a more mature approach to communication but it is his blog so he can do it however he sees fit.

Steve Koch

Anonymous said...

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