Thursday, February 9, 2012

Selected Recent Video Clips on Key Issues and more

Links  to several recent live appearances on TV are below

TOPICS- The US economy the jobs report, Greece

On CNBC Squawk Box live for the ( Joe, Becky and Andrew) Release of the January employment report

ABC World News with Dianne Sawyer also on the January jobs report

Bloomberg on New Fed policy/ Pimm Fox, Taking Stock

Bloomberg on Europe's debt crisis / Pimm Fox with Jens Norrdvig I'm in the second part of this clip.

As my opinions reflect in the above clips, I am very constructive on the US outlook See the CNBC and ABC clips for that. The job report is a report that is more real than distorted as some claim. I am wary of the new Fed policy statement, But I am somewhat more encouraged that former Fed Chairman Volcker has taken such a positive view of it. For this see the first Bloomberg clip above.

You can find my articles on labor force participation rates on the Web site  Seeking Alpha at the link below. It is recommended reading to put the recent employment report in context.