Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tweedle Dee Dee Tweddle Dee Fed

Tweedle Dee Tweedle De Dum
 Tweddle Your toes Tweedle your thumbs
Side on the sidelines when things get tough
Decide to act when its not soon enough

Tweedle Dee De, Tweedle de Fed
Tweedle time away until you are dead
Tweedle the short run don't make up your mind
Until the data kick your behind 

Why this? see below

The WSJ reports as follows: about Janet Yellen... "

But she reiterated her view that a contraction isn’t imminent. “There is always some chance of a recession in any year, but the evidence suggests expansions don’t die of old age,” Ms. Yellen said. “It is not what I think is the most likely scenario.”
She also emphasized that the Fed is staying flexible on the outlook for rates, noting several times that interest rates aren’t on a “preset course.” Yet she added that it’s premature to say whether recent developments have shifted the balance of risks to the downside."

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