Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh Baby, Oh Baby Obama! On REDISTRIBUTION

Be careful who you vote for and why...

must hear stuff on this link below... It's news to me It may not be news to you. The clip below clearly is from a conservative group judging from the call outs it features as text as Barack speaks. But it is still telling to get past that and listen to what Barack is saying given the office he is running for... He will soon have the power to affect all those things he spoke about hypothetically in the past.

I have for some time been saying that there are things about McCain I like and Obama that I like and things about each of them I don't like. For me the process has come down to trying decide whether I will vote for some salient characteristic one them has that I really like, or against something I am really distrustful of. Each has candidates for these criteria.

The link above is to some stuff Obama said about REDISTRIBUTION. This is HOT STUFF. This is not the stuff of the recent campaign trail to be sure...

One of the things I am concerned about this election cycle is giving the democrats too much control at a time they are so angry at George Bush and mad about the financial crisis. The reason is that a lot that needs to be done to fix retirement and health care (insurance plus Medicare and Medicaid).


Democrats need to be aware that in the past four years democrats have controlled the Senate banking committee and the house financial services committee. In the Senate, Banking committee head Dodd blocked reform on Fannie and Freddie and blocked hearings on pending Fed appointments, making the Fed run on thin staffing.

Some Republicans were some of the biggest advocates of reforming Fannie and Freddie and have been for years - long before these troubles grew up. It was under Bill Clinton's Presidency that Franklin Raines 'Super-sized' Fannie Mae and that the accounting irregularities emerged. Still think it's all Republicans?

It is not so simple to blame Republicans. It may be easy but it is not so simple.

So now that we are going to have a lot of democrat influence linked to Barack, it is interesting to here his pre-candidate Law Professor views on resdistribution and his thoughts about using the courts to achieve redistribution. If you are wary of how McCain might stack the Supreme Court give Barak's views a listen.

John McCain has been in the public eye for years. We do know a a lot about him and how thinks and what he stands for. He has been involved in surprisingly few scandals of any sort (The Keating 5 stands out) This U-tube posing on Barack is just an example of little we really know about him- really not in some political slur way but really. He has not been tested and revealed to the same extent McCain has.

I have been very upset about Obama's attacks on McCain that have held that McCain wants to give tax breaks to companies that outsource. This is a clear weaseling of stuff McCain has said. It is not the high ground that Barack portrays himself as standing on.

On balance I do not give Obama the high ground in this fight and think we still don't know where he will stand- not just speak - on a number of key issues that we face.

On the other hand I am not very happy with Sarah Palin being one heartbeat away from the oval office. Its great that she can shoot and field dress a moose and is independent. But she is really so much more conservative that I am and most of the country is. I do like McCain assumption of the Bush tax plans either.

But listen to the U-Tube posting; Is Barack really that much farther out to the left than he has let on? And is Biden right about Barack being tested? If we elect him are we a target?

What about this plan by the Russians to hep Cuba set up a space launching platform?

see link below:

Are these shades of the movie 'Thirteen Days' only not starring Kevin Costner with a bad Boston accent playing JFK and without a script with a known happy ending? Will that be Barack's first test, the one Biden speaks of? And is the media cutting Biden too much slack just because Palin is such an obvious target thanks substantially to Tina Fey?

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