Friday, November 21, 2008

Take me to your leader...

These are your leaders?
Rest assured that if Martians landed and had seen the events of the past several days they would not to be meeting the leadership of either the House or the Senate. With the economy reeling and a big chunk of the MFG sector on the line these grate leaders of ours (no spelling error there...) sent the auto guys back home because they did not say 'mother may I' before they asked for $25bln. You'd think the House and Senate had never given money away before- ya know?

After this sorry display you know why Will Rogers used to say, "I don't belong to any organized political party, I'm a Democrat."

Let's make a deal..oh, never mind
There had been a deal struck earlier in the day-a bi partisan deal - to rework the previous $25bln retooling monies for the auto companies and as those Senators planned to meet to announced they had reached a compromise their LEADERS headed them off at the pass announced an earlier prcess conference and promptly declared that there was n deal that could pass both houses. Why? BECAUSE I'M THE MOMMY- THAT'S WHY.

Yes welcome to the power-hungry world of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We are the leaders. You are the peons. The peons do not cut deals without the leaders say-so.

But in their magnanimous leader-fashion they decided they would reconvene in December and the auto guys could try again to beg for big bucks. Oh OH this time they had better be properly subservient. They had better not fly there in corporate jets. maybe a commercial flight and not first classs or... maybe by bus a Greyhound perhaps? Or should they drive one their own cars- something geared for the proletariat not the upper crust. Wagoner could drive a Neon from Detroit. Mullaly could drive a pick-up. Nardelli could drive anything since he is the lone guy who said he would work for - and is working for - a buck a year. He gets it. While I think for the most part these auto execs did not take and pass the course 'begging for $25billion bucks 101,' they nonetheless need the money: that much is clear. And if they need more they'll come back for that too. Until they know how weak the economy is going to be and for how long how COULD THEY know how much they will need?

Gosh this leadership is STUPID. Well they are only politicians you know.

It makes you wonder what will happen when Barack steps in. He 's got four years and maybe eight. But the House and Senate leaders have their own power and the potential for limitless consecutive terms. Hey Barack: You're not the boss of MEeeee! said Pelosi...and Reid.

Just wait.

This leadership did not mind passing the $700bln package after a two week stall and hanging all sorts of pork on it like barnacles on the hull of a ship. Now they send the auto guys back when they are on the brink of running out of money. Ooooo I guess they showed THEM who's boss.

Well I'm not made to feel better. This is another example of politicians getting their egos out in front of their brains and mucking up the country just to flex their own muscle. I am having a bad feeling about this.

Save first. Blame later.

For those of you that are happy that we got rid of Bush just remember the old curse, "be careful what you wish for." I do not have a good feeling about the way this playing out. Not only is the Democratic leadership squashing what looked like a perfectly good deal, it is endangering the work force in a bluer than blue state. Michigan was so blue McCain did not even try to compete there. What a way to say THANK YOU!

Well they did say "You" but the first word wasn't "Thank.'

Dang a lang a ding dong. That is real leadership.

Good luck trying keep control of these 'guys' Barack. I think a Congress full of Republicans might have been easier. If they keep this up, you may find out if that is true or not in your second term.

You see it does not matter if the president is black. Underneath the skin they are all Democrats now. But inside of that they are all power-hungry. And that's exactly the trait did in the Republicans. Now you know why I say, they are all the same to me. In the end all of them are in it for themselves.

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