Monday, November 3, 2008

Top Financial markets Flicks of the Week

Fan-ding-Dong-Dang-It Top Movie list for this week

  1. MBA Musical.001 Remedial Finance for Wall Street rocket scientists
  2. Ben and Hank make a financial porno
  3. Saw V: Senior loan officers learn to cut things off
  4. Changleings: Credit agencies learn to give low grades
  5. The haunting of the John McCain campaign
  6. Lou Dobbs featuring: Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  7. The secret life of Baa-rated bonds (top secret right now)
  8. Max Pain: Starring the US banking system
  9. Eagle Eye: Starring the Fannie and Freddie accountants
  10. Pride and Gory: Auditors inspect the ashes of Lehman